Thanks to Mr. Hagar and the House of Blues for a night we'll take with us till the day we die.  
By Lauren Knapp-Resnik
Sammy Hagar love burst all seams of House of Blues
Our proximity not negating the hues
Of red, white, blonde and wild
We got stompy Sam I Am and near the end -
Cabo Wabo tambourine with just the man
No jester ever blew the minds of kings
Like Sammy's vocals high pitched screams
A card up a card down you got to see him come to town
Dice rolled, a head lolled but not for long
He's there, he's got you bouncing back
With Hagar's voice, nothing lacks
A twist, a jump, angled face
Flashing teeth, smile, and hey
What better way to get baptized
When Sammy Hagar's tequila flies?
I asked for air, got tornado whacked
I asked for a ride, got Ferrari stacked
Requested a night, got a sliver of grace:
Asked for a handshake
And received an embrace
So now when I die, croak, kick the bucket
That's OK because now I'll hover
Between Hagar lyrics, rolling notes and wind.
Fly around the House of Blues and radio stations
Making sure to save the nation 
Ensuring Hagar tunes aren't wasted
Every second intense, every song immense, 
Every signature real, every glimpse they all feel, 
Every year getting better, appetites wetter, 
Every fan lifted, healed, felt gifted
Inspirational's the word -
Inspires to win, to conquer all fear -
Get it done real 
Get it done right
Get it done now with some Hagar might.