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ABB Industrial Systems

  • High Power Rectifier Systems for Arc Furnaces, Electro-Refining, Traction Power, Chlor-Alkali Production, Etc. (through 750,000 A, 400-1000V, as required)

  • High Power Inverters/Power Conditioning/ Converter Systems for Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic and Other High Power Applications (Capacities as required)


    Alstom Power Conversion




  • Diesel and Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems


    Custom Power, Inc.


  • Uninterruptible Power Systems

  • Battery Chargers

  • Inverters

  • Battery Systems


    Delta Unibus, Inc.

  • Iso-Phase Bus (MV; Non- and Forced Ventilated; through 35,000 A, to 25 KV)


    Elite Buildings, Inc.  (EBI)

  • High Quality Engineered Prefabricated Building Systems Buildings, Factory Assembled or Palletized


    Howard Industries, Inc.

  • Small Power Transformers, Oil Filled (to 38 KV)

  • Pad-Mount/Pole-Top Distribution Transformers, Oil Filled (to 38 KV)


    Insul-8, Inc.



    Kawasaki Gas Turbines



    Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI)

  • SF6 Circuit Breakers, Live and dead tank (38 KV through 800 KV)

  • Gas-insulated Substations (38 KV through 800 KV)

  • Generator Circuit Breakers (10,000 A and above; through 24 KV)

  • Large Power Transformers (to 800 KV through 1500 MVA)

  • Packaged Ozonation Systems

  • Static Compensator Systems (D-Statcom and Mini Statcom)


    MSE Power Systems, Inc.

  • HV Substations (MVA capacity as required; Voltages through 500KV); Domestic and International

  • Engineered Substation Equipment Packages or Turnkey Substations including Design, Installation, Relay Coordination, Field Testing and Project Management



    OEM Power Systems



    Pederson Power Products



    TransAmerican Power Products


    Unibus, Inc.

  • Non-Segregated and Segregated Phase Bus Duct

  • Bar and Cable Type (LV and MV; through 12,000 A, to 38 KV)


    Waukesha Electric Systems, Inc.

  • Medium Power Transformers (through 120 MVA, to 230 KV)

  • Large Power Transformers (through 500MVA to 500KV)

  • Reactors

  • Phase Shifters

  • Surge Arrestors

  • High Voltage Modular Substations


    WEG Electric Motors Corporation

  • Induction, Slip Ring & Synchronous Motors (through 30,000HP)

  • Synchronous & Induction Generators (through 22MW)

  • Vertical & Horizontal

  • All Enclosures

  • IEC and NEMA Standards

  • WEG AC Variable Frequency Drives

  • DC Drives

  • AC Servomotors

  • ISO 9001, UL, CSA, CESI, JETL, Germanischer Lloyd, Etc.

  • World Wide Service and Support

  • M-K Associates

    10755 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 302, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Phone/310-475-8582 Fax/310-475-2837


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